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Photo of 56161 on Yoker turntable


Loco Kits

Above we see an EM gauge model of 56161 built from a CL01 kit by John Brighton and photographed by Andy Neil standing on the turntable of Andy's embryonic model of Yoker loco shed as it was in the 1950s. The turntable is a 60ft Cowans Sheldon type built from a Metalsmith kit. (Photograph used by permission.)

Coach Kits

All seven variants of the 12 wheel corridor stock including the original Grampian Stock now feature in the range together with non-corridor 12 wheelers for the Edinburgh and Glasgow stock : D101 Brake Third, D102 First and D105 Third (which was uniquely 68' long) together with the D103 'slip' Brake Composite. Stocks are limited on most but always available to order.

Currently available is one D95 kit which has been classed as a 'second' due only to the etch being very tarnished. Offered at a good discount because of this. Order here

A body only etch for D95B is now available in 7mm scale - currently to order, the first batch having sold out.

Most the original 57' coach hkits are in stock both corridor and non-corridor although a few holes are starting to appear. Again, most the semi-corridor coach kits are currently in stock while in non-passenger coaching stock the 50' full brake is available together with 6 wheeled CCT and meat and fish vans.

Finally a good range of fittings is always available.


The U.K. charge is a modest £3.50 while overseas postage is charged at cost. Please note that the rate for Australasia is a little higher than for the rest of the world outside Europe.

Overseas customers please note that you will be liable for any import duties or taxes levied in your country. Many orders will be exempt (e.g. For New Zealand orders under around £200 including carriage are exempt) but I would urge you to check the rules in your country before ordering.


All prices include VAT which is charged on all orders within UK and the EEC. Overseas orders may deduct this (divide the price shown by 1.2) - PayPal® should do this automatically. Note that the Overseas postal surcharges are shown without VAT - do not deduct anything from these thanks.

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All photographs on this site unless otherwise credited are from the collection of Jim Smellie.

Site contents Copyright © Caley Coaches Ltd, 2018.

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